In addition to our fundamental view of the elements of soccer (technique, tactics and athletics), we also place a high value on motivated and talented kickers who want to develop individually and according to their performance. 


To this end, we have expanded our “Developing talent” module with the Kickers teams. 

The Kickers teams are designed for the long term and, with the support of our licensed DFB and NLZ trainers, focus on the individual development of the players.

In addition to soccer, we want to convey values such as seriousness, reliability, will and cohesion. 

On and off the pitch, we want to encourage and ignite the “desire to win” and the self-confidence of the young players.

Our teams have two to three training sessions during school hours, depending on age group and model. In addition, at least one game or tournament on the weekend. Again and again, performance comparisons with NLZs, among others, can be interspersed.    

We also know that such a project can possibly arouse the desires of renowned clubs and are also in close contact with them.  

If you too would like to try out for the performance team, please contact us at info@munichkickers.de.

Our Teams

Season 2022 - 2023

SC Baldham Vaterstetten U14 (2009) - U14 Kreisklasse

SV Riedmoos U10 (2013) - U10 Liga very strong

SV Riedmoos U9 (2014) - Frindlygames

Season 2021 - 2022

SC Fürstenfeldbruck U14 (2008) - U15 Kreisliga
SV Riedmoos U11 (2011) - U11-Liga überregional

Season 2020 - 2021

SpVgg Kaufbeuren U15 (2006) - U15 Bayernliga
SV Riedmoos U10 (2011) - U11-Liga stark
SC Fürstenfeldbruck U13 (2008) - U13 BOL

Season 2019 - 2020

SV Riedmoos U9 (2011) - U9 Liga