Anyone can take care of children – summer camp thought differently!  


Have you ever thought that a summer camp is only for childcare, but offers your child little added value in terms of sports?  


Did you wish to have a summer camp where your child is “cleaned up” for a few hours, but is still challenged and encouraged in sports?  


Can you imagine that exactly this is possible together?

In the time off from school, it’s called power kicking with us for two 90-minute sessions.  

A maximum of 12 players are coached in one session. Age-appropriate training planning and implementation is very important to us in order to optimally promote your individual performance requirements. The two training sessions are structured like our normal training sessions in clubs. The training is in the foreground.   

Depending on the age group, the 90-minute sessions take place in the morning or afternoon.   

A binding pre-registration is necessary for a smooth process in small groups.

Our Offer

  • Two times 90 minutes of power kicking
  • Individual group size (up to max. 12 players)
  • Licensed trainer
  • Professional and age-appropriate training planning and implementation
  • Snacks and drinks are provided during the 30 minute break

Our Events

Montag, den 20.02.2023, und Dienstag, den 21.02.2023 Zwei Tage werden die Trainer der MunichKickers euch auf NLZ Niveau in den Bereichen…

99,00  2 days

Montag, den 03.04.2023, Dienstag, den 04.04.2023 und Donnerstag, den 06.04.2023 Drei Tage lang werden euch die Trainer der MunichKickers auf NLZ…

179,00  3 days

Our Locations

The trainings take place at our locations in and around Munich.